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Preparation is the key to success

DEC 23, 2019

Complete control over the look and feel

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Good Preparation Takes Longer than Delivery

Avoid delayed project timelines, budget blowouts and scheduling nightmares. It absolutely takes a team to build a great website so run through my checklist below and get prepared before you hire us.
We can provide support in all of these areas


Do you have a great graphic designer?

You will need professionally designed logos, icons and graphics. You will also need a brand board with your fonts, colours and site images ready to be used.

A graphic designer can also help you get you page layouts organised before we start. Too often clients have colours and images but are not clear on how they want to final design to look. This can be confusing and often clients assume that a website developer and graphic designer are the same. When our website developer works with our graphic designer, your vision will be transformed into a high performing, professional website. 

Is all your copy written and ready to go?

This is the key to capturing your ideal clients attention and making sales! It will be 100% worth it to use our copywriter if you are struggling to communicate your message clearly and succinctly. 

Is your course content ready?

You will need opt-in scripts, images and sales page copy.

You will need payment gateways to be set up, copy for the payment pipeline.

Fo the actual course you will need any PDFs that need to be uploaded & course videos.

Have you also considered the pipeline for post payment? Emails, upsells, contact points etc.

We can help you with a full list.

Do you have all legal documents finalised & approved for uploading?

Depending where in the world you will be operating and what your are offering you will need to have  Terms & Conditions, GDPR, Cookies Policy & Privacy Policy. There are many places you can download generic forms of these from - but it is always recommended to seek legal advice here.

Need Advice?

Reach out below and we will assemble a project team for your website with a focus on you, your business and your clients.




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