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Hi, welcome back. I'm Jaimee from Website Restyle and this is another Kajabi tip tutorial.

So when you first sign on for your *14 day free trial, the first thing you need to do is set up your branding inside the website.

When you log in for the very first time, you will land on your dashboard.

Go down to the bottom left corner and click on settings.

This will take you through to your Settings dashboard.

 Click on 'site details', which is where you will find the branding information for your site

⤻ Add in the title of your website

 Add your email address

Scroll down and add you Logo to the size dimensions suggested by Kajabi. Click here to see my tutorial on resizing, compressing & uploading images to Kajabi

Click save, and that will be saved as your business logo.

⤻ Okay. The next thing to do is to add you websites favicon. This is the symbol that will appear in the URL tab when someone uses your site. Follow the same steps as you did to upload your logo.

Now it's time to upload your brand colours. Scroll down to the colour palette and click on each colour. replace the hex code with your brand hex code and remember to save it once you have completed adding all of your colours. 

It really is as simple as that.

 If you are adding online courses online courses, you will want to add a headshot of the main instructor (use the guidelines recommended by Kajabi - see blog post here).

⤻ Add a short bio for the instructor

Time to add SEO Settings!

⤻ Add a Site Title. Kajabi have instructions here for what you need to put including recommended word count.  For example, your SEO title, should be a clear title, without branding or mentioning the domain itself.

⤻ Add You Site Description - follow the Kajabi instructions again - a clear description, two sentences long.

This is what's going to come up when someone Googles you, it's the little snippet they can read.

⤻ We need to place an image into here. Follow the instructions here for resizing, compressing & uploading images to Kajabi.

We're done!

That is all you need to do to get your branding and your website SEO set up, make sure that you click save at the top here.  

I hope that helps, and I will see you in the next tutorial!

Use this link to sign up for your free 14 day Kajabi Trial!!! (*affiliate link!)

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